Theresa W

thank you so much Sal it was great meeting with you, and Bella looks and feels so soft, Sal is so good with Bella it was Bella 1st groom and sanitise trim ( she is only 5 mths old ) and we have re-booked Sal for her next one and we are looking forward to seeing you again, this lady also gives great advise and shows you how best to groom your kitty, i would highly recommend Sal, i will not be having anyone come to groom my little Bella only Sal now, and she travels to me which is so great for both me and bella thank yu again Sal see you soon xxx

I was worried about having a groomer come to my house but I could not have been more pleased. Sal put me at ease and was wonderful with my Maine coon boy. She was very calm and patient with him (and me) and eventually he allowed her near him to remove some mats I had not been able to remove myself. She spent time teaching me how to groom myself in the future and showed me the correct tools for the job. Couldn’t be happier with the service we received. Thank you for your kindness and compassion it was gratefully received.

I can not recommend or thank this lady enough. My boy had not been groomed for a very long time by myself as I hurt him when trying to remove a Knott 

Sal was amazing she spent time getting to know my boy Cooper – cuddling him talking to him and she win him onside with the treats (as well as the other 2 who sniffed them out lol)

As me and my boy were struggling with grooming and the fact he seems to be my boss things had not been going so well – Sal talked me through re-starting the grooming process and how I could start to gain some authority over him as he certainly rolls the roost and me. I can not complement her enough she was truly amazing with my boy and to say he had never been shaved before my boy seemed so relaxed and calm – he now has no knots  as well as little hair but he looks so much better for it.

We discussed everything from behaviour / temperament to diet and grooming techniques – she is not just a groomer she is the cat whisperer 
It has been 2 days since my boy Cooper was shaved and already I have seen a change in his temperament and I can now stroke him and love him without him growling at me – he just looks so much better as those knots must have been causing him so much discomfort  I felt so awful but Sal assured me I should not feel bad as his knots were not as bad as I had imagined  thankfully. I can not thank Sal enough for giving me my boy back and now I know what to do to keep things this way I’m over the moon
Thank you so so much Sal
I am truly grateful for all your advice and help

Oh and to top it off Sal can make cat jumpers out of old jumpers  so Cooper had a jumper to wear instantly which was the icing on the cake – a woman of many talents

Henry is proud as punch today, striding around the house all sleek in body yet with a wonderful lion head, tail and bib! Sal did the best job with him, so patient, knowledgeable and confident in handling him…not just Henry’s fears put to rest but mine also! Star groomer if ever I’ve seen one!! 5 stars for sure!

Sal always takes great care when grooming my cats. This was their 3rd session and they’ve gone from being very frightened, trying to escape at the first opportunity to being much calmer and even liking it :0) I can’t recommend her highly enough xx

Chelsey Ellen

Omg what a fantastic lady!! Sal came to my house this evening to give my lynx ragdoll Oscar his first ever groom. Not going to lie he wasn’t very impressed to start with and he well and truly spat his dummy out but within such a short space of time there was a slight improvement. She was amazing at handling him and knew when he was getting stressed so gave him chance to have his own space for a few minutes. As soon as I met her face to face I could tell she was a cat lover an

My poor Maine Coon, Genghis had got quite matted following a number of weeks of not being able to groom him. Sal came over and did the most amazing lion cut on him. She dealt with his mats in a calm and professional way, giving him lots of breaks so that he didn’t get stressed at all. He is a much happier cat now and I’ll have no hesitation in recommending her to anyone who’s precious fur baby needs grooming – we’ll certainly use her again. I just hope that by asking you to cut the ferocious Freyja’s claws hasn’t put you off coming back at any point??? Sorry about her, but I did say that she’s a real madam when her claws are being cut! Genghis looks amazing!! thanks again.
Steff S

Sal and her daughter Naomi came to us today at very short notice to give a much needed bathing and grooming to our new rescue cat Jasper, or Jazz as I call him �

He was in a bit of a state and didnt seem to have had any grooming for a long time. They took very good care of the old boy, making sure he was comfortable…..he was hit by a car years ago and has a bad hind leg. Despite people telling me how aggressive he is when being bathed he was very well behaved, and the genuinely caring nature of Sal and Naomi reflected in his behaviour as they calmed him down if he started to get a little distressed.

He is now de-matted, fully wet bathed with nails, ears and eyes cleaned…..and he looks and smells so much better.

Thankyou so much for your services, the fun conversations and the much needed advice so we can give this diamond geezer the best care for his glory years.

If we don’t see you before then good luck to Naomi at animal college….you will be a superstar!

Thanks again

Sarah B – Newark

What a fantastic groomer, we wish we’d found her sooner! Our elderly rescue Persian had been deemed too aggressive to be groomed without sedation, but she’d also become too unwell to be sedated over the last couple of years, so we were really struggling to keep her Matt free and comfortable in her retirement. Sal was so professional and reassuring towards my cat and myself, and showed the utmost respect for us both too. She was able to groom and clip without any sedation and it was amazing to watch her work. We will be regular customers from now on and really appreciate all the effort and time she put in to get my dear Persian girl comfortable and content again. Fantastic service, thank you!

Sal is lovely she is kind efficient & a fabulous groomer my cats are not easy to groom & she managed them beautifully Thank you

Ray M – Nottingham

Would like to tell people how helpful Sal was in coming to nottingham at short notice to help a neglected cat who was matted in an almost straight jacket , it took almost 3 hours to remove and was a very uncomfortable time for all concerned . Sal cancelled a doctors appointment and had been feeling unwell herself but the cat came first ! i cannot thank her enough for all the help she gave that day and the cost was very very fair and compassionate . the cat is slowly recovering and im so gratefull i came across her trent view website . am able if anybody wants further testimony of Sals skills cat handling . thanks again

Sal was fantastic, our large cat hasn’t been overly handled, is used to brushing on his own terms and can incredibly strong – in both mind and body! Sal sussed his temperament out straight away, and although he sadly wasn’t the easier or customers, he definitely made progress within the first session. Despite his protests at the time he’s now looking very pleased with his dapper coat.

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Very kind and relaxed with my say he is going on 10 and this was his first proper groom he was very calm.great service and chatty and smiley.thankyou x

Thank you so much for grooming our two long haired tabbies. A really professional and friendly service. We will definitely be booking again!

Fantastic , I was worried finding someone to groom my cat due to him being timid / rescue cat , but he now looks fantastic , so pleased , definitely be regular now 

Ann-Marie W – Derbyshire

Very impressed. She was extremely patient and very good with our cat Jemima. She worked at Jemima’s pace. Would definitely recommend and use again

Jazek B – Rotherham

Great service, my cat told me he’s very happy with his new look😉 thanks and see you soon😀