Cat groomer and Maine coon establishing a connection

Where I began

Every business has a beginning, and mine stemmed from the ownership of a Maine Coon.

I had previously completed an undergraduate degree in psychology, and then a Batchelor of Science in Forensic Investigation, with the full intention of working with the Police. It was during this degree that I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia and shortly after I realised there was no way I’d be able to work a job which demanded such long hours.

After that came a year of complete disappointment. I had no idea of what to do and felt like my dream was crushed because of ill health which is incredibly sobering for anyone, but I’d always been so dynamic and well-driven I felt totally lost for the first time in my life.

Then my husband bought me a Maine Coon for my birthday. I’ve had cats all of my life and have always taken in strays, and those who couldn’t be looked after by their owners so had a very good idea (I thought) of what was required when it came to coat care, but boy was I wrong!

I tried teaching myself to no avail, reading up as we all seem to and trying all manner of different implements and tools to get rid of those nasty little mats that just seemed to appear from nowhere, and noticed there are a few things that would do the trick, but would leave his coat in an uneven mess. Whilst vanity was not a priority, it began to bug me.

I contacted several groomers asking for help, to be offered their services – but that wasn’t what I wanted. I then paid someone to come to my house for the day and teach me how to cat groom. When she left I still felt disappointed because a lot of it was what I already knew as a seasoned, caring cat owner.

Eventually, I came across someone offering training that seemed in-depth enough for my requirements. I was concerned as it is a dog and cat salon, but my time there was spent entirely  with cats. I booked, paid and went to stay in London, learning at the salon and graduated at master level status.

It’s like driving. The initial skills you learn as a learner mean you can definitely do the work in the right conditions, but you only truly learn as you go along after qualifying and once you’ve experienced these things alone – enabling yourself to rely on your own skill. Using your skill and resourcefulness to complete a difficult groom for the first time is better than any ‘high’.

I am fully insured, and very experienced.

Rest assured your feline baby is safe in my hands.

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