I am a very experienced, holistic and fully insured cat only groomer.

I regularly care for cats deemed too aggressive to be groomed without sedation. I do not sedate, I use the cats own temperament to make decisions on how the groom should go, and coupled with input from the owner we then usually achieve a good balance of care given, and keep any level of stress to an absolute minimum.

I offer both wet and dry grooming on a mobile basis. I will soon be operating from a salon based at my property in West Stockwith, Doncaster.


All cats are unique and some have needs that others do not.

Every groom I conduct includes the full and gentle cleaning of ears, eyes and their sanitary area using only the best products, specifically chosen because of their high quality and lack of chemicals to enable your cat to enjoy the professional grooming experience in as risk-free an environment as possible.

Every groom includes a free claw clip, and a sanitary clean/clip (whichever is best for the cats individual needs).

All of my equipment is cleaned between grooms using products that kill all manner of bacteria and parasites in order to limit chances of cross-contamination, something that not all groomers take time to do. My uniform is changed and laundered daily.

Clipping Work

I am very experienced and fully insured.

I do not offer the same service you receive when you take your cat to the vet. I am very invested in my work, I suppose it is best described as holistic grooming tailored specifically to the needs of each individual cat. I am not a vet, and do not and cannot sedate.

Whether elderly, timid and afraid, or large and a bit annoyed, they all deserve care and respect, so this is what I give to them.

I have extensive clipping/shaving experience, and regularly work with felines who require as little as a sanitary clip, right through to intricate and extensive mat removal which requires a lengthy amout of time to complete. I respect the animals whose coats I am working on, so this means they are always going to receive the absolute premium service I can possibly offer.

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