Grooming Costs

A full dry groom from me, which consists of a full brush out, eyes, ears and sanitary clean or clip (whatever is best for the cat) and a free claw clip begins at £40

  • Belly shave £15-25 depending if there are any mats to remove.
  • Claw clip £10 or FREE with a full dry groom. Additional cats in the same household (on the same day) can have their claws clipped for £7.50.
  • Wet bath £20-£35 depending on the size of the cat. An XXXL would cost £35 for example but not many cats are this large.
  • Lion clip – from £70
  • Maine coon cut from £70
  • Mat removal usually accompanies a full dry groom or, full groom with wet bath and is priced separately. £20 for basic mats for example, whereas a full pelted coat would be an additional £60 on top of the grooming cost. I am reasonable and a fairly holistic groomer, prefer to go at the cat’s pace.

As I am mobile, it does incur time, effort and fuel to get to you. Because of this I have to charge a visit fee. This is totally dependent on the mileage it takes me to get to you, and whether or not I can group you in with another client in the area in order to lessen the visit fee for you both. If you’d like me to do this, please just say on the phone – I usually offer anyway to see if I can save you a bit of cash – my visit fee is not a profit-making machine!

Please fill out the form below if you’d like an estimate of costs for me to come and groom your cat.

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