Update: planning is now passed, and we’ve entered the creative stage. Although the layout inside is complete, the salon needs a roof before any further work can be done, but this is all in progress, and although I’m not great at updating regularly, I’ll do my best to add to the page as often as possible.

I am currently developing a cat-only grooming salon at my home premises in Doncaster. I have no idea if it is the first, or one of the first in the country, but I am well aware that there are very few of us. This may well mean either it takes off and I become incredibly busy, or people may not use the facility at all because they’re so unused to it being available to them. Fingers crossed it is the former, but I have to try.

The salon will also offer a collection and delivery facility, using my van which will have custom built crates inside to accommodate cats and their crates. The van will be temperature regulated with all aspects of your cats safety at the forefront of my mind.

There will be a ‘stay for the day’ option for those who have to go to work and can’t collect immediately after the cat has had hhis or her groom.

We really do need to enable awareness of the need to groom our cats coats.

Trent View Cat Grooming Salon is designed with cat only grooming in mind, and will be complete with all facilities required to run a successful, hygienic and compliant business designed with the cat’s best interest in mind.

Services offered will include:

Claw clipping

Belly clipping

Sanitary clip/trim

Full dry grooming

Wet bathing

Mat removal

Lion Cuts

Other clipping styles – please see below.

Other services:

I am a fully insured and equipped pet taxi. I work all over the country, but am also useful for small trips – from your house to the vet, from one home to another, anything really. Just call and ask.

We will also offer a cat sitting service, and this will be available to those living within a five mile radius of the salon. Let’s save your cat the distress of having to leave home whilst you’re on holiday, or even just for a night if we possibly can.

Other clipping styles

My own special clipping styles created to adapt to the needs of each cat, whether pedigree or domestic. Humanity over vanity is my motto! For example, I offer a maine coon cut which is suitable both for maine coons, and other cats who have a similar fur style over the shoulders.

So, there’s a lot in the pipeline, and only more to come.

My salon will be run on an appointment only basis, but you may make an appointment at any time by calling, e-mailing, or dropping by on the off-chance the salon is open. As soon as the salon is open, or due to open, I’ll update this page with the full address and hours of business. Until then it’s best to keep to dropping me an e-mail, or giving me a call.


07527 300950